New site address for Youngevity Products

Due to new rules being enforced by Youngevity on dealers we are no longer allowed to offer their products along side other companies products.  In order to comply with this rule with have setup an Youngevity mini site for our customers to order their Youngevity products with minimal changes. All current Youngevity product links will […]

Moving to LiveChat/Email for all customer support due to enormous amount of robocalls

Due to an enormous and overwhelming amount of daily robo/spam calls we are closing the toll-free number and moving 100% to our new LiveChat option (Tab bottom right of your browser window), you can also email us. We have been dealing with this issue growing out of control for the last year and it’s come […]

Nine foods you should never eat again

(NaturalNews) With so much misinformation out there about food and how it affects human health, making healthy food choices for you and your family can be difficult and confusing. There are a number of specific foods; however, that you will want to avoid in almost every circumstance because they provide virtually no health benefits while […]

Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world

There is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency sweeping across our modern world, and it’s an epidemic of such depth and seriousness that it makes the H1N1 swine flu epidemic look like a case of the sniffles by comparison. Vitamin D deficiency is not only alarmingly widespread, it’s also a root cause of many other serious diseases […]

The Power of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)

The Power of Superoxide Dismutase

You might not have heard of SOD, but SOD is one of the body’s primary antioxidant nutrients. It’s actually called a “Primary” antioxidant system, because it’s one of the four antioxidants that is produced by the body. Sure you’ve probably heard of vitamin C, berries, and a whole host of other antioxidants. All of these […]

Report: Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Youngevity & Heavy Metals

Here at we have been asked many questions about Beyond Tangy Tangerine and the Youngevity product line. One question that has come up a few times has been about certain ingredients that are contained in products like Beyond Tangy Tangerine. It’s true, things like lead, mercury, arsenic, fluoride, etc are present everywhere in nature, […]

Minerals: Essential for Health

Liquid Minerals for Optimal Health* Youngevity offers the highest quality and most comprehensive line of liquid mineral supplements. These unique and healthful formulas were developed by Joel D. Wallach, DVM, ND, biochemical research pioneer known to many as The Mineral Doctor. The foundation for each formula is Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals™.*