Report: Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Youngevity & Heavy Metals

Report: Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Youngevity & Heavy Metals 1

Here at we have been asked many questions about Beyond Tangy Tangerine and the Youngevity product line.

One question that has come up a few times has been about certain ingredients that are contained in products like Beyond Tangy Tangerine. It’s true, things like lead, mercury, arsenic, fluoride, etc are present everywhere in nature, so are they present in safe levels in Beyond Tangy Tangerine and it’s plant derived mineral base?

We found and excellent article that examines this question and wanted to share it openly with our customers.


Head over to to read their great report:

About Heavy Metals in Supplements like Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Youngevity’s Plant derived minerals.


UPDATE: Clemson University Research study on Youngevity products shows:

Beyond Tangy Tangerine® and Ultimate Classic® at various concentrations did not show any genotoxicity.

Read more here

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