Slender FX Weight Management System

Losing weight is simple, take more calories out of the system than what you put in. Doesn’t matter the food, doesn’t matter the combination, and doesn’t matter the ingredients…it’s all about the calories..its more math than it is nutrition. But that’s losing weight, being healthy and preventing illness and disease is totally different. Health is all about nutrition, the kinds of calories you put into your system can determine how strong your body will be in preventing and fighting disease and illness, how you’ll feel and the quality of life you’ll have, and ALSO how you’ll look. The Youngevity HealthyLifeStyles system is the only system that brings together the “math” of weight loss with the science and nutrition of incredible health and powerful living.


The HealthyLifeStyle system integrates a set of powerful nutritional supplements that promote elements such as metabolism, convenient nutritional intake, and detoxification/cleansing and combines them with complete, wholesome, real food nutrition to provide the most effective, healthy weight loss and maintenance programs ever.


Continuing the drive that Youngevity has to significantly improving the quality of life of individuals by providing them with the nutrients that promote the prevention, fighting, and defeating of the body’s most debilitating health concerns, the HealthyLifeStyle programs reinforce these principles in weight loss, healthy maintenance, and human performance.

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